Prep for the Next Step

Breanna Standifer graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), where she earned her degree in Public Relations and minored in Business Administration. As a student, she was involved in PRSSA and was also inducted in the Department of Communication Honor Society. Her background experience includes project management and event coordination.
As students approach their junior or senior year and college comes to a close, the focus should begin shifting from school to career. In addition to job experience and searching for a job, students need to prepare for the application and interview process. It is important to learn resume building skills and interview etiquette because some opportunities only come once in a life time. Hands on practice can be the best experience.

Resume Building

Your resume is an essential element in the job search process because it will be the first thing human resources and companies see that represents you as a person and potential employee. When you develop your resume, include the most important information that represents your work experience, accomplishments, and community involvement. When describing your experience use actions words like achieved, improved, managed, or created. Write in short paragraph form so that you can be more detailed and specific, but do your best to fit the content on one page. Also, let someone proofread your resume for errors. If you are not satisfied with your final product, most college campuses offer resume and career building services on campus.

Interview Guidance & Etiquette

The biggest mistake a potential employee can make is to not be prepared, and the best way to prepare is practice. Create a 30-second speech that summarizes who you are, your best qualities, and why you will be an asset to any organization. You may meet someone and have an informal interview on the spot so don’t miss that opportunity. Ask a professor about the questions they were asked when preparing for a job in your field, and use those questions as a foundation to practice your answers. When you are getting ready for a specific job interview do your research. Visit the company’s website, Facebook and Twitter pages to learn more information. Also, conduct a couple of Google searches to see if there are any new stories or major accomplishments that can be great conversation starters during your interview. Regarding your wardrobe, dress professionally and always take the company’s work environment into consideration. If you are not sure wear something business casual; dress pants, buttoned blouse, and consider wearing a jacket.
Prep for the next step is essential because you do not want to miss a chance to make an impression. Keep your ears open, and always make it subtly clear that you are an upcoming professional in search of new opportunities. Listen for key phrases like internship, my company is hiring, we are always looking for new talent, stay in contact, or contact my assistant for an appointment. Finding a job that fits your needs is only the first step, make sure you have the tools needed to stand out and close the deal.

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