Prep Your Hair for Swimming

I love warm days spent at the beach or floating around a pool. I love the feel of my skin after it has been in the sun all day. I love having a nice glow to my otherwise pale arms and legs. I love it all, except the havoc that saltwater and chlorine can cause on my hair in the summer months. You don’t want to see all of the time at the salon getting the perfect colored locks go to waste after one day in the sun.

Preparing your hair for swimming is just as important as prepping your skin to be in the sun. There are a few leave-in conditioners on the market that have UV protection in them. These are great to spray in your hair before you go out in to the sun. Make sure to repeat every time you come out of the water as well. You can also try an at home remedy to prep your hair for the sun. I like to use a thick conditioning mask and mix it with about 3-4 cups of warm water. Shake vigorously until all of the conditioner clumps have disappeared and then pour into your own spray bottle. Take this to the beach or pool with you. Liberaly spray on your hair before getting it wet. This will protect your hair and keep it super shiny too. Just don’t add too much throughout the day or your hair will get heavy and oily.

Now if all of this prep just sounds like too much effort for you, I have a third solution. Get a super cute straw hat to wear over your hair while in the sun or wrap a floral scarf around your head. No one said that you couldn’t add some trend in there while protecting your locks. Enjoy!

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