How to prepare for a new semester

In June 2014, I simutaneously graduated with my high school diploma and associates degree. I accomplished this through a program at Chattanooga State Techinical Community College. I also graduated top of my class with Magna Cum Laude honors. Now, I’m a junior at The University of Tennessee Chattanooga and majoring in Entrepreneurship.

Now that I’m a junior in college, I have experienced and received some great tips on how to best prepare for the next semester. The two best tips I have received are using the ratemyprofessor website and purchasing books on amazon and chegg.
Rate My Professor The website is a great tool to decide which professor is best for you. This website searches professors that students have commented on and rated. I very quickly learned that my success in a class depends on how hard the professor works and how hard I work. Pay attention to certain comments that say for instance, that the professor is funny but it gets annoying or that he or she is very sarcastic. If you’re not okay with sarcasm or are very sensitive, this is probably not a good professor for you. So, I mainly use Rate My Professor and asking my friends their opinons to determine the best professor. This will eventually narrow down which class to sign up for depending on which professor you want and if the class works with your schedule.
Chegg & Amazon Both and have saved me a lot of money over the years when purchasing my books. If I can, I avoid the school bookstore like the plague because, their prices are almost always higher. I would usually recommend getting the access cards at the school bookstore unless the professor suggests other options (or you ask them for other possible options). You never want to end up with a used or wrong access card. Always wait until the first day of class to purchase books because, the professor might give you money saving tips or tell you it’s not worth getting the book for their class. For actual books, always compare prices between Chegg and Amazon. You can rent or buy new or used books off of both websites giving you many options. On Amazon, never forget to consider the used option in the other formats of buying books (kindle, new, used). Often times, this option will be cheaper even with the shipping. What I love about Chegg especially is that it is super easy to ship back the book if it was rented. You just keep the box and the ship it back in the same box at the end of the semester. Both websites make it very easy to ship it back with notificaitions when your book is due back and directions on how to package your book return. This semester I got a book originally worth $70 off Amazon for $1!
These two tools are definitely the best advice I could give you going into the next semester. Additional tips would be to sign up for your classes as soon as possible and to copy and paste the CRN number of your class to register the fastest and most efficiently. If you can, get a seasonal job for the break and save some money. Have a great break!

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