Professional Associations for the Gunsmithing Industry



Almost every profession has an association. The objective of these associations is to provide members resources in continuing education, networking opportunities as well as advocating the interests of the profession.


There are a number of gunsmithing, firearm and rifle assocations across the U.S. The objective of these associations is to promote the safe use of firearms and gunsmithing as an art.


A membership within the organization can beneficial to a gunsmithing students’ career. As someone who may be looking for a job following graduation, connections with industry professionals can open a few doors. It is also important to learn about the changes in the industry in order to be knowledgeable on these topics and how they may be relevant to your company.


In addition, if you are someone who is looking to establish your own business, a membership and attendance at industry association events are great ways to generate awareness of your business and even develop leads.


Furthermore, because there isn’t a professional designation for gunsmiths, obtaining certification in a certain skill can increase your credibility. Associations often offer workshops to members to certify their skills.


If you are passionate about advancing the public awareness of the gunsmith industry, gun maintenance and safety as well as preserving the art of gunsmithing, there may be opportunities where you can participate as a committee member at the association level. It is a great way for you to stand up for your interests as well as develop leadership skills and be in the forefront of the industry.


You may want to do some research on the association you’d like to join. If you are planning to be involved with an association, you are only as visible as your level of participation. It does not make sense if you join a number of associations and rarely attend their events because you don’t have time. Make sure you are investing your money to an association where you have the opportunities to maximize your career potential.


There are also conditions to joining the association in addition to paying the membership dues. For instance, members may need to proof that they have passed background checks as well as hold a license to possess a firearm.

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