Professors are People Too

Yes, the people who have an impact on how you perform in a class can be intimidating. This is especially true if they are one of the most respected doctors, researchers, or speakers in your field of study. You can’t let that intimidation keep you from being the best student that you could possibly be.
In order for you to get the most out of your education, there are several things that you must do as a student.
One of these things is to establish a relationship with one or two of your professors. This is important for many reasons. Those professors will provide valuable insight and knowledge into the field that you are studying. They will be able to relate their own experiences and guide you in the decisions that you make.
Establishing a good relationship with a professor also means that you have someone who will recognize your work and work ethics, therefore serving as an excellent letter of recommendation for graduate school, internships or your first job out of school.
So how do you start creating that relationship?
Begin by thinking about a professor you have or have had who has made an impact on your learning in a positive way. Whether they enlightened you and made you realize you were definitely in the right major or they have always created thought-provoking material, begin to reach out to them.
Attending their office hours is a great way to pick your professor’s brain and ask them the in-depth questions that you don’t want to ask in class. This may also be an excellent opportunity to get involved in projects or research that they are doing. Show interest in what they tell you they are working on and ask questions. If they can tell you are genuinely interested, it could lead to fantastic possibilities.
Participating in class when appropriate is also a great way for a professor to become familiar with your face. They have hundreds of students and it always means a lot to them when someone engages in their discussions.
Remember, they were in your shoes at one point or another. Reach out to them as a resource when you need help and learn from them as much as you can. Once you graduate, those opportunities become rare and far between.

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