How to get through college

Hello people! My name is Bryce Jackson and I am a junior at Ohio University majoring in Business Administration and Organizational Communication. I am currently a global ambassador for the international office at Ohio University and I plan on seeking a career in the field of human resources.
College is a time of learning, progressing, and most importantly discovering who you are as a person. Going into college my freshman year I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I entered school as sports management major, but in time realized that I wanted to expand my degree in terms of what I could do with it upon graduating from Ohio University. My freshman year was a year of learning, making mistakes, and trying to find my niche on campus. I was lucky enough to have been placed in a dorm where I became good friends with everyone who lived in my hall; some of whom are my current roommates. I wanted to become involved as early as possible, so I joined Sports Business Association as well as a learning community. Joining a learning community turned out to be a great decision because it allowed me, along with 25 other sports management majors, to take a common set of courses. This made it easier to get to know other people in my major. Throughout my freshman year, I had many ups and downs. I was excited that I was out on my own following my own dreams, but at times I naturally missed being home and seeing my parents. I learned very quickly what it was going to be like living independently, but it became natural by the end of the year due to the experiences I was faced with throughout both semesters.
My sophomore year was the year I took the biggest leap on growth in life. Fall semester of 2014 I decided to rush a business fraternity. I wasn’t sure if it was something I truly wanted to do because I had heard negative things about joining fraternity’s in general. Nonetheless I decided to rush Phi Chi Theta’s professional business fraternity and I wounded up receiving a bid. Throughout my rush semester, I learned so much about what it truly meant to carry yourself as a professional. Going into college I had no idea as to what that really meant. The way I approach life and the people around me changed after my rush semester with Phi Chi Theta. I would strongly encourage anyone who’s looking to grow as a person as well as expand their network to rush a business fraternity.
During spring semester of 2014, I decided to study abroad in Hong Kong, China for an entire semester. The amount of things that changed in my life upon returning to the United States is incredible. When you’re away from home in another country for half a year, you discover who you want to be and the type of people you want to be around. I would strongly encourage anyone who is thinking about studying abroad to travel somewhere in China. While studying in somewhere like Europe would be great, I think traveling to a country where English isn’t commonly spoken can truly test your character and allow you to grow as an individual.
I am currently a Junior and have never been more clear as to what I want to do with my life and what steps I need to take next to succeed. Without all the experiences I’ve had throughout college, there is no way I would feel as prepared for the real world as I do now. I encourage all high school students to step outside their comfort zones and try something new. You may discover a new hobby or career interest that you may have never considered before. Continue to grow throughout college and set goals for yourself each semester. As long as your continuing to progress not only in the classroom but as a person, everything else will fall into place.

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