Prologue The Inconvenient Path

Hi, my name is Angel Delgado and recently you sent me an email with regards to writing for your website and giving college advice. I would like to let you know that I am interested in doing so and would like to know how I can get started. Thank you once again.

There are many people out there in the world who feel an obligation to leave something behind once they are gone. Perhaps it is a legacy in which they want to create; maybe they want to further advance mankind as a whole and tread towards places some just look away in ignorance because of what is still out there undiscovered and untouched by the perils and curses of man; and then there are those who simply want to leave their mark in this world, to leave something behind that by the time they look back at the days of their lives, they will feel some gratification knowing a part of them will not only carry on, but that it will not be forgotten. From just simple observations and socializing here and there in class, as well as the occasional introduction that still happens in some college classes, many college students seem to be trying very hard to simply leave something behind, in other words, some simply go through the motions of continuing with their education, getting their bachelor’s degree, and expecting a job to be waiting for them at the finish line of their education. Of course, due to what has happened in the recent years, there is not even a guarantee that you will even find a job to fit what you wanted to do, but those who are lucky to find a job in their field also come with their share of problems. For many of us, the best life to have is one which includes going to college finding a job and starting a family. That’s it. Too many who are in college right now, that’s all they are going for? Of course to be clear, this isn’t directed to the smaller percentage which believe in living a simple life, no, this is directed at the majority which will in the end simply follow in line. It almost seems absurd that we have come to a point in which we have condemn ourselves to live in a mold which has been created, shaped, and now passed onto us. Would it be the right thing to do to simply follow in line and stay in order like past generations, or are we at the point in time in which the cycle must be broken in order for us to survive and prosper. This is why, one of my goals in these next few years is to major in Political Science. I see myself as a person who is more than capable of changing the way our community works and intertwines with its diverse cultures. I am a person of conviction and I will not stop nor will I sit and wait for a change to be made, because there is no question, and we all see this: things need to change in the place we call our home, and the needs to begin now. And besides, I don’t plan on leading any “revolution”, I just plan on being the spark.

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