Pros and cons of blow dry bars

Blowout beauty salons have been popping up all over large cities lately. Visit New York, Los Angles, Houston, or Miami and you can find a blow dry bar where the main service is to give you a red carpet worthy blowout. Blow drying one’s hair is nothing new, but these salons sure are. Check out the pros and cons of blowout bars before making your first visit.
One pro is that blow dry bars are super convenient. Taking an hour or more to get a blowout with volume and perfectly smooth hair is something that the average women doesn’t want to put effort into every day. In between classes, organizational commitments, and work, most women are spread too thin when it comes to energy. Having someone to do your hair for you eliminates one more thing you have to do. Allowing yourself to be pampered is never a bad thing.
You may wonder how much it costs to have someone else blow dry your hair for you. The price can range depending on location, but the most popular salon chain of blow dry bars runs $40 per blow out. Although this price isn’t sky high, it can add up depending on how frequently you visit. The cost is either a pro or con based on your income.
If the convenience of a blow dry bar makes blowing out your hair become more of a habitual style though, your hair begins to suffer. The heat and tension placed on hair to get the perfect looks causes dehydration and breakage. If you are to visit a blow dry bar make sure it is not more than two times a week.
Next time you whip out the hairdryer and round bristle brush take a second to think. Do you have the time and money to enjoy this new beauty trend? If so, give it a test run. You might just become addicted to the perfect smooth and shinny look.

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