Punk Preppy Hipster

There has never been a defining fashion moment for me. I have always drifted up and down or in and out of trends and major fashion movements. When baby doll dresses were all the rage, I totally submitted. Dark floral patterns, preppy stripes, polka dots! I was all over them. I paired them with tights or leggings, and sometimes even stretchy biking shorts. If I was feeling demure, I would wear Mary Janes and fake pearls. If I was feeling angsty – as one is ought to feel in middle school- I would put on lace up, black combat boots and a spiked leather bracelet. There was really no method; I was ruled by my emotions. Fast forward to present day and I am still getting dressed based on how I feel and who I want to be on any given day. Today, I am an urban road warrior. I recently purchased a pair of black fold over hiking boots from The North Face and I could not wait to wear them, so I decided to throw them on today with black skinny jeans, a red plaid shirt, sleeveless sweater vest, and tie it all together with a bronze belt. Think Hans Solo meets Lara Croft.
I quite like dressing as characters. Some days I am a powerful go getter. Walking fast in 4 inch heels, sleek dresses, and killer red lipstick I am sharp tongued and feisty. Some days I am a punky hipster who refuses to give in to societal norms. Think chuck taylors, cuffed jeans, and a skull t-shirt with a feminist message emblazoned on it. I usually throw on a pair of hoops as well, just to round things out. My personal style is just like my personality- varied. Its fashion, it’s supposed to be fun and different. Whenever you find yourself thinking about it too much, it stops being easy and authentic. There is no one way to dress for anything anymore. Work environments are changing. Societal norms are in a state of constant fluctuation. Why be boring, when you can be bold?
Another big part of my personal style is my choice in jewelry. I like all types of metals and have grown quite fond of mixing gold and silver together. I have a lot of thin rings that I stack on and funky, spiky earrings that I love to wear with more demure outfits. I enjoy towing the line of dainty and tough- feminine and masculine. Currently, I am on the hunt for the perfect feminine tuxedo that I can wear to a formal wedding I have yet to be invited to. I figure, why wait for the opportunity to come knocking? I’ll meet it at the driveway! I dream of pulling off Angelina Jolie’s look at this year’s BAFTs. Hands down, super sexy. I also wouldn’t mind finding an affordable alternative to Rag and Bone’s black box jumpsuit. Always, dainty and tough.

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