Careers in fashion merchandising management

Fashion is more than just designs and edgy clothing.  It is a fast-paced and million dollar industry, growing more every day.  That’s why so many have chosen to pursue fashion as a career post-secondary education.  While some find themselves drawn more towards the design element of fashion, others are more interested in business and management.  For those individuals, fashion merchandising management is an appealing program in order to achieve their career goals.

Fashion merchandising management requires both creative skills and analytical thinking.  It combines what is to many a form of art into a business.  Merchandise managers are the professionals who take the looks from the runways to the stores, ensuring that they are showcasing the latest trends, colors, and looks for the industry.

Fashion Merchandising Management programs are available as one-year associate programs and are widely available online.  The online format provides students the flexibility needed to tailor their class schedules around their already busy lives.  The online format also gives students the opportunity to interact with students all over the globe, mastering the skills needed to succeed in this profession.

Programs vary, but most will offer a combination of individual work and team work.  Students will study product development, fashion marketing, and fashion management.  Students will have the chance to connect with industry experts through the program and many online degree programs offer the opportunity to take the online experience into the real world as well.  Students can take summer programs in New York City or in overseas markets like Paris, France, or Florence, Italy.

Networking opportunities are also available should students take advantage of them to work with companies in the industry through internships and connections with program alumni.  Students will also have opportunities to take field trips locally to stores and corporate offices to meet with professionals in the business.

The ultimate goal is to have students walk away with knowledge, skill and connections needed to succeed as a business professional in the fashion merchandising industry.  This can be done in as little as one year through an associate’s program or longer, depending on how far the student wants to take his or her education.

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