Internet marketing career path

For the past twenty years, internet has become a central part of our daily lives, from communicating with friends, family and work to consuming digital media and making purchases to accessing information on almost every topic possible. In fact, the internet is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity for business to survive in today’s market place.
Are you someone who is interested in promoting a service or a product? Perhaps you have worked at your school store as a promotion or sales associate? Are you interested in communicating and developing content for online purposes? If you can identify with any of these traits, perhaps you should consider a career in internet marketing.
Internet marketing is definitely an area which requires a post-secondary education. While there are no specific programs for internet marketing, there are courses under marketing and business administration programs which students can take as part of their educational requirements.
Students who are thinking of pursuing a career in internet marketing generally possess the following interests and traits:
• Online purchasing behavior: The internet has become the foundation for electronic commerce, where people purchase services and goods online. As an internet marketer, you will be required to promote your company’s products and services, and it is extremely important to learn how your customers behave online in order to help them get the most out of their online experience with your company and drive growth in sales.
• Technology: The internet is ever evolving. Technology plays a huge role in optimizing internet marketing because of the increasing amount of information and data available provided by your customers. As a result, internet marketers are generally interested in technology, specifically analytics to better understand how to interact with their customers.
• Communications: Technology is only one half of the equation for internet marketers. They need to be able to communicate key messages effectively to customers in order to promote the company’s products and services so that they will have sufficient information to make the right purchasing decision. Internet marketers need to know how to write and create content that is suitable for this audience, given that most people tend to have a limited attention span on the internet compared to other traditional media.
• Social Media: Social media is a vital form of communication and promotion on the internet. Companies can no longer ignore the value of online engagement. As an internet marketer, social media should be one of your top tools used in broadcasting your message to your target audience and engaging with them. As a result, you will need to become an expert in developing messages for social media consumption and be able to proactively engage with your customers in order to drive them to your company’s website to make a purchase.
Given the current state of technology and the increasing popularity in online engagement and electronic commerce, the career prospects of an internet marketer is promising as companies will need experts like you to help them increase their presence online. For more information on the career path of an internet marketer, please contact your high school career counsellor.

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