Fashion journalist

Writing about fashion is a sought-out opportunity as much as creating fashion. Many have dreams of writing for Vogue or In Style, and getting a degree in fashion journalism is a step in that direction.

Students can earn several different degrees in fashion journalism, including a Bachelor’s Degree, Associate’s, and Master’s Degree. Fashion journalism covers all aspect of fashion media: print to online. These programs are available online and on-campus, depending on the availability of the student and financial capabilities. Online courses are catered towards any kind of student, especially the working student who requires more flexibility and freedom in his or her schedule.

Throughout their studies, students will develop a portfolio and gain hands-on experience in reporting and interviewing, writing, profiling, editing, blogging and producing. They will write about fashion news and put together feature stories on the latest fashion trends. Students will be trained to report, write and edit fashion pieces designed for newspapers, magazines and Web sites. A great deal of emphasis will be placed on the newest technologies of modern journalism, as social media and blogging are becoming the new trend in reporting news and reaching readers.

Courses will be focused on interviewing sources for a story, writing in-depth feature articles expressing an informed point of view, research topics in fashion, modify your style of writing for your audience, and edit pieces appropriately.
Students will compile a portfolio with all of the above and will be able take these on interviews set up through the school. Most programs have career service offices, connecting students to professionals in the industry. The opportunities for careers in fashion journalism are endless, including editor, copy editor, creative director, fact checker, fashion reporter, fashion blogger, podcaster, and social media coordinator. A degree in fashion journalism will open doors to the exciting and fast-paced world of fashion.
Academy of Art University, Online Education:

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