Pursuing your dream through sacrifice

Hello my name is Holman Duran. I was born in Houston, Texas but was raised in Washington, DC. I have a great love of Creative writing, photography, philosophy, astronomy, film and music. In my spare time I enjoy composing personal videos and discovering new musical artists. I am currently attending Montgomery College in Takoma, Maryland and my major is in liberal arts. I plan on transferring to New York University where I will study freelance writing.

Dreams are subtle. They form underneath our conscious mind and compile themselves throughout our lives. Once we realize what it is we want to pursue in life, we feel as though it has come to us instantaneously. But in fact these goals have been slowly adjusting alongside the decisions we have made, and the paths we have chosen. It’s incredible how life is able to shape our destinies despite the hardships we go through in order to press forward. My advice for those looking to pursue a degree in a college or a university is this: Everyone goes through obstacles in life. We sacrifice things that we love and feel we cannot live without. But by making those hard decisions we find another way of achieving our goals.
I was 7 years old when my Father left. It felt as if the walls were closing in and I was losing touch with life. The days that followed I felt as if I was deprived of the persona I had adapted into. My friends ran around me playing tag, kicking soccer balls, and moving forward, while I retreated into my shell, unable to act on my own emotions. I was a puppet without the strings attached, unanimated. I sank deep into a vast ocean, and on my way down I curled up in security, much like a caterpillar does when it goes into its cocoon phase. I held my heart tightly as if keeping myself from shattering into pieces. As I descended deeper into the dark cold abyss I abandoned every friend, feeling and thought I had familiarized myself with. At some point I reached the bottom. By then it felt as time had all but dissipated, and in its place there was solicitude. From this period of silence I transcended my broken heart and abolished myself blame. I awoke renewed, a phoenix back from the dead. I ascended to the surface swifter than a bullet. What I found at the bottom of the sea wasn’t hope, it was the true strength of my spirit, a flame that could never die no matter how deep the cut. My new found fire burned bright within the center of my chest, like the sun encased in a lantern. I developed a talent for writing after what seemed like years of stagnation. I was finally living again and this time with a purpose. I developed a love for writing. I enjoyed expressing myself and losing myself in the creativity of my passion. Here in my world I was able to manipulate words in a unique way that gave my readers a clear vision of what I was illustrating out for them. But my talent isn’t limited to just the stroke of a pen. I have taken an interest in photography, film, and graphic design.
Discovering who are takes time and patience. By deciding to further your education you are allowing yourself to broaden your horizon and giving opportunity for your hidden talents to surface and flourish. Finding your passion in life can help you transcend any obstacle. Believe in yourself, sharpen your unique gift and you will find yourself with a different perspective and sure direction of how to pursue your dream.

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