Gunsmith qualifications

Doing well in school isn’t always a good indicator of how well someone does in his/her career. A good gunsmith is not only someone who is great at his/her job, but he/she also understands what customers need. Below are some of the skills, which a great gunsmith should possess, especially if he/she is planning on working in a position that deals with customers: • Customer service: Firearms are considered specialty items and people who purchase them have very specific needs. Because not all customers are knowledgeable on the subject, the gunsmith or the gun sales associate need to be able to understand their needs in order to be able to recommend a product based on their interests. Furthermore, if a customer is looking for a custom firearm, it becomes even more crucial for the gunsmith to listen carefully in order to apply the customer’s exact specifications to the final product. • Attention to detail: A firearm has many components and any slight inaccuracy can lead to its malfunction. Therefore, a good gunsmith, regardless of his/her specialization, needs to be detail-oriented because a firearm is only as good as the sum of its parts. • Technical know-how: Education does not just stop once you graduated. With an increasing array of products and technology playing a bigger role in the industry, it is important for gunsmiths to continue going to workshops and taking classes to stay on top of the industry. • Experience: Experience counted in a number of ways, including the amount of time the professional has spent in the industry, the variety of projects he/she has worked on and the depth of knowledge he/she has gained from education and the industry. All of these factors will add to a gunsmith’s credibility in the eyes of the customer. • Accountability: The ability for a professional to follow through a customer’s request/project. This is the key to whether or not a first time customer will become a repeated one. It also will be a factor in obtaining referrals from clients. It has been said that if a person had a good customer experience from a business that he/she will tell one person about it, however, if he/she had a bad experience, he/she will tell as many as eight people about it. The inability to be accountable can hurt your credibility in the industry and cost you clients in the long run. While you may learn some of these skills in the business courses offered within a gunsmith program’s curriculum, most of them you will acquire in the industry. It may also be worthwhile for you to seek out advice for a mentor who may be able to provide you some insight in what it takes to excel in the industry.

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