Questions to ask on a date

Having a successful first date is very important. Although it may not always be under your control, there are some things you can do or keep in mind to guarantee the date is a success, at least on your part.

Talk to your Date
One way to help make your first date a success is to keep a steady conversation flowing. Have some topics or questions written down and ready to ask or talk about when the date begins. Try to stick to basic and safe questions for the first date. Do not bring up anything too personal because you do not want your date to feel uncomfortable.

Do Not Sound Rehearsed
Planning out different topics to cover and thinking of important questions to ask your date are very important. It is even okay to practice how you will ask them so you feel comfortable. However, it is just as important to not sound as though you have rehearsed the entire evening prior to your date. It is okay to be prepared, but the date will probably not go well if the conversation sounds too prepared. You will most likely come off as fake and look as though you are putting on a show, even if that is not the case.

Keep the Talking to a Minimum
While it is a great idea to come up with things to talk about and it is great to ask questions to make your date feel comfortable, it is equally as important to not overload him or her with too many questions. A great date is a great listener, so be sure to listen to your dates answers and let him or her talk as well.

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