Quick meals for exam week

It’s here: your week of final exams. All you can think of is the hours of reading and essay writing over the past few months. You try to keep your exam schedule top of mind so you don’t miss any important dates. Your friends can see you next week, but you’re not planning on any social events for the next little while. Being focused on your final exams is great, but you still have to keep yourself nourished and well fed. So what are some quick, easy meals to keep a busy student on the go? Here are a few to try.

Precooked chicken

Cooking a chicken can take hours, but luckily, most grocery stores now take care of this step for you. Having an entire cooked chicken in your fridge is a great way to have protein on the go and it’s versatile too. Pair a leg with some oven fries and a salad or take some chucks of breast meat for an easy and delicious sandwich. For one person, a whole chicken can last for four of five meals!

Canned tuna and instant rice

Rice is a very healthy source of carbs and fish is known for its brain-boosting power (which you’re going to need for exam week!). Fortunately, these two convenient and healthy foods go great together. An added bonus is that they won’t expire for a long time so you can stock up and ensure you always have an easy meal on hand. If you get bored of the flavors, you can always jazz it up with a little green onion, cilantro or grated cheddar.

Hard-boiled eggs

Cheap and cheerful eggs are a complete source of protein and also friendly for a vegetarian diet. Cooking eggs can be messy but by hard-boiling a dozen in advance, you have a ready snack any time you feel the hunger pangs. Try mashing up a couple on a slice of bread or chop onto a salad for a quick complete meal.

Keeping handy healthy food nearby when you’re studying is not only a great way to save money. These low-fat, high protein meals will help you feel full and satisfied so that you can focus on your studies and they will provide proper nourishment to your body so that your mind can function to the best of your abilities.

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