Relationship deal breakers

In a recent, unofficial poll I asked people what are some of their “deal breakers” or things that they find unattractive that would prevent them from seeing someone again on another date. This is by no means a scientific study, but worth checking out and seeing if maybe any of these quirks are the reason why you’re not scoring a second date:

1. Chewing with one’s mouth open or talking with mouth full of food.
2. Smoking, or at least smelling and tasting like an ash tray when kissing.
3. Not opening doors for a woman or standing on the outside of the sidewalk like a gentleman. One woman even described a second date with a man who walked way ahead of her on the sidewalk as they approached the restaurant he took her to. When she asked him why he behaved that way he immaturely said “the sidewalk was too small for us to stand side-by-side.” When they walked back she said they sidewalk was clearly wide enough for the both of them, but he continued to walk ahead and talk with his back to her. Be attentive. If you’re walking ahead of someone, or not holding doors open, it may indicate that you’re not as considerate of a person that your date would want you to be.
4. Having yellow teeth and/or bad breath.
5. Having excessive arm, back, or chest hair.
6. Having nasty fingernails. This includes stubs from biting one’ snails too much, or having dirty fingernails, or nails that are uneven.
7. Treating wait staff as servants. It seems people really like the idea of going on a date with someone who is able to treat people with respect, no matter what their position in life is. So if you’ve been rude or dismissive to the hostess in the past then you may want to think about how that behavior is affecting your ability to date someone who treats others with kindness and appreciation.
8. Talking too much, especially about oneself. Sometimes when we get nervous we tend to chatter away to avoid an awkward silence, but coming up with a list of questions beforehand may help this. It also gets the other person talking, and shows that you can listen and have a two-way conversation, as opposed to a monologue.
9. Slouching.
10. Making rude or offensive jokes early on.
11. Chewing gum on a date.

Overall, it seems people want to go out with someone who shows respect for themselves and others, takes care of their physical appearance, and is considerate of others. And now that you know some dealbreakers you can recognize them in yourself, if you do or have any of them, and can make changes to score a second date!

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