Realist verses dreamer

Hey, I’m Sarah Redding. A couple unique things about me:
1. I will graduate with my B.S. in Journalism before I’m of legal drinking age.
2. I have eight brothers and two sisters.

I transferred to Oklahoma Christian University from Grays Harbor College in Washington State. I’m currently Copy Editor for Oklahoma Christian’s online news source. I’m getting my major in journalism and a minor in music. I hope to be an editor and teach piano whenever I find the time, like what I do currently.

The way to get a good job after college and to be successful in life in general, you should be a dreamer and a realist. Seems a bit contradictory, huh? But it actually isn’t that uncommon in successful people.

What is a dreamer? A dreamer believes that good will always happen, no matter what reality says. A dreamer predicts the future based on what they wish will happen. A realist sees the world how it is and predicts what will happen based on facts.

Dreamers rely on luck; realist dreamers rely on their own hard work and determination.
Successful people don’t rely on luck. The deal is, successful people are also dreamers. But unlike most garage band dreamers, those who plan to be a CNN news anchor right out of college, and little boys in superhero costumes, they know what they need to overcome to achieve their dreams.

The problem with being a dreamer is ignoring reality. By always having your head in the clouds your feet won’t take you anywhere useful. A dreamer in the academic setting might say something like, “I will write for the New York Times right after I graduate.”

Don’t believe everything you hear. We have all these movies telling us we can be anything we want and we should go for the dream. I’m telling you, this is not always best. When reality hits, that dreamer will end up writing press releases for a dinky news channel and wonder where everything went wrong.

So you might think it useful to adopt a realist point of view. A realist might say something like; “I won’t find my dream job right after I graduate.” Which is true and therefore good. Right? Well, not necessarily.

The criticism of being a realist is that you will never stretch yourself to achieve great things and only lead a mediocre existence. What is the healthy balance between acknowledging reality and going for your dream? Shoot for the stars, but realize that certain arrows will only go about two feet. Successful people take the mediocre job, but before long they will build their way up. They are proactive and motivated. They take the hits of life, but they also work to prevent them.

Ingredients for a dream come true: knowledge of obstacles, determination to conquer obstacles, discernment about which goals are worth your time.

Allow yourself to know what might happen after college, during college, etc. But don’t stop there. There is another thing crucial to success and that is determination. Every successful person has one thing in common: determination. Determination is the main thing that will make your dreams come true. Also, a dose of talent and money wouldn’t hurt.

Without hope, determination and a vision for what you want, you won’t get anywhere desirable. Be determined to do your best at everything that you do. Not just your job or academics, but anything you do. This is an invaluable characteristic to have. It will help you in every aspect of life.

In order to be successful, you should have the mentality that you can do great things, but don’t ignore the fact that the journey will be hard and may seem impossible at times. Determination to achieve your dreams and a realist outlook will get you through the greatest struggles.

“You can do it” is a valid phrase. They just forgot to add: “with a ton of determination.”

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