Reasons to Move in With Your Boyfriend in College

Rachel Shapiro recently graduated college with a Bachelor¿s degree in English. She is currently an intern at an online literary magazine and she has written articles about travel, beauty products, home improvement, and the job search for a variety of websites. She loves travel, reading, and a strong cup of coffee.

Let’s say you’ve been dating a guy for a while, and it’s getting pretty serious. It’s also reaching the time when both of your off-campus housing apartment leases are ending, so you could both move. You tentatively approach the subject of moving in together, and you’re both not sure if that’s the right move or not. So what are some of the right reasons to move in with your college boyfriend?

One good reason to move in together is because of financial reasons. This may not seem too romantic, but it is a good practical thing to think about. Maybe since you’re already spending most of your time at your significant other’s apartment, it just makes sense financially to move in together. You’ll stop wasting money on an apartment you barely ever see. Or maybe you’ll be able to get a two bedroom place with another couple, saving you the money you would have to spend if you got a two bedroom apartment with one roommate. If you’re worried about money, it could make sense to take the plunge and move in together.

Another good reason could be if you’re emotionally ready. If your relationship is strong and you think this is “The One,” moving in together could be the next logical step. If your relationship is ready for the huge test that is seeing each other twenty-four hours a day, then you should try moving in together. That will truly tell you if your relationship will or will not work. And if things are really not going well, you can always move back into your own separate places.

Moving in with your significant other is always a huge decision that could either work out amazingly well or could end disastrously. Be sure to go over all of the pros and cons with your boyfriend before deciding to take the plunge. And if you do feel that you’re ready, then go ahead and try it out.

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