Reasons You Should Attend Beauty School

There are a ton of reasons you should go to beauty school and become a cosmetologist or hair stylist. Some of the features that attract people to the industry are the opportunity to do what they love, get creative on a daily basis, and build their career to new heights.

Do What You Love

Some people choose their career by carefully calculating what will require the least schooling while making them the most amount of money. This might mean spending the time to get an MBA and ultimately making more than a doctor who was in school for over a decade. Or, it could mean getting an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a specific career where they can make good amount of money, such as by becoming a dental hygienist or engineer. Unfortunately, many of these people realize down the road that their comfortable salary isn’t worth doing something they don’t even enjoy. This is rarely the case with people who go to beauty school. You won’t make a six figure salary as a hairstylist or makeup artist (unless you one day open a very successful chain of salons) but you’ll have a great time doing what you love. And ultimately, being able to wake up every morning excited to go to work is payment in and of itself.

Flex Your Creative Muscle

You imagine being told that you have to be an accountant, or an engineer, or a financial analyst? People who are drawn to cosmetology careers are typically very creative people who would feel stifled and bored working in an environment that deals only with rigid rules and numbers. Either that, or you might be so challenged by being told to think in a way your mind doesn’t naturally work that you loathe your job. Fortunately, hairstylists, makeup artists, and nail technicians have a new experience every day and enjoy frequent opportunities to experiment with new trends and come up with novel ideas. Every time a customer comes in and says, “I’m not sure what I want, but I know I want something different. What do you think?” You’ll get excited knowing you can put your creativity skills to the test and come up with something your client will love. The most creative stylists are the ones who take risks and often contribute to new trends.

Have Room to Grow

Just like creative people don’t want to be boxed into a corner, ambitious people cringe at the thought of being boxed into a dead end career. If you’re comfortable getting hired by a salon and working in the same job for thirty years, you have that option. But if you are motivated to succeed at a level beyond that and want to climb up the career ladder, you’re in luck. There are endless opportunities for you in the cosmetology industry. You could create your own makeup line and move into sales, you could start your own freelance beauty business and make your own hours as you style people for weddings and photo shoots, or you could take out a business loan and invest all your money, time, and hard work into a salon of your own. Once you get to the stage of your career where you’re making all your own choices, your salary is really up to you! You’ll be rewarded in direct correlation to how much you’re willing to commit yourself to success in your field.

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