Texting relationship

Let’s say you met a great guy a few weeks ago. You hung out once or twice and it went well, but ever since then your sole communication is by texting. Your thumbs are getting a work-out every single day! The text exchanges are friendly, but you’re no closer to understanding where you stand with this guy. What’s a girl to do?
• Have an actual phone conversation – Yes, your texting device works to contact people in another way. Dial his number and try to have a live conversation with this mystery dude. If he doesn’t pick up or return your voicemail, you’ve probably learned more about his interest level. Texting doesn’t take a whole ton of effort. It’s easy enough to fire off a “Good Morning” text, but an actual conversation is different.

• Don’t reply to all his texts – It’s a well-known fact that men like to hunt, right? Well, make the hunting a little more difficult for him. If you’re busy with an active social life and don’t have time to respond to all his texts, this may light a fire under him to move forward to the next level and arrange a real in-person meeting.

• Let him know your expectations – Instead of being wishy-washy about your plans for the upcoming weekend (and whether they include him), be very clear about what you would like. Do you want to meet him for coffee Sunday afternoon? Say so. Like the first point, if you say what you want and he doesn’t reciprocate, then you’ve learned more than you knew before.

• Consider stopping – If you’re not getting what you want out of this texting relationship and you want more from a guy who doesn’t seem willing to give it, stop texting him. Yes, it will be slightly uncomfortable and a little sad to lose that connection, but understand there must be something going on his life to prevent him from giving 100%. That’s not your responsibility or concern.

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