Relationship Rules to Follow in College

It’s rough out there. Relationship rules seem to be change all the time. Remember when we were supposed to follow “The Rules”? How does that play in to the explosion of social media? Don’t worry. Take a deep breath. Let’s take a look at what rules are important now.
1) Don’t do it halfway
Have you and your guy had the talk? You know, the talk where it’s clear that you are each other’s one and only boyfriend and girlfriend? Yes, it’s nerve wracking, but so is being halfway in and out of a relationship. Be clear, respect yourself (and him, of course) by setting distinct boundaries around your relationship. If you discover that he sees things differently, you’re already on your way to another, more fulfilling relationship.
2) Keep calm and carry on
College life can be so dramatic! Ups and downs, ins and outs. It’s a wonder we graduate in one piece. When your relationship roller coaster ride starts to get to you, purposely climb out of that little car and take a deep breath. Be critical here – is he a good guy, just made a mistake? Then keep calm girl and carry on.
3) Don’t double dip
We all know those girls that can’t seem to stay away from her ex. They’re together, they’re broken up. They’re “dating,” they’re not speaking. More times than not, this kind of relationship cycle is evidence of unresolved feelings. Try hard to sort out why you keep getting drawn back to this guy so you can stop doing it. Double dipping isn’t good for anyone.
4) Don’t date your girlfriend’s ex
A hard and fast rule which will save friendships, refusing to date your best girl’s ex-boyfriend is solid gold advice. Nothing will lead to hurt feelings and resentments faster. Better not let this one go unsaid, bring it up to your gal pals before a situation implodes. Your girls will thank you!

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