Relationships in college

My name is Daniel Kirsanov. I am 21 and I attend Long Island University. Currently I am an Accounting Major and I will be getting my MBA during the Spring and Fall semester of 2015. I have a 3.95 GPA and I strive very hard to achieve my goals. I do have a life, and the fact that I can mix and maintain my personal, work, and educational goals and responsibilities allows me to share a lot of insight with you via my articles.

If there is one person that can give you advice on dating, it would be me. Now, I am not going to sit here and talk about finding girls at the local pub, or trying to get a girl into your bed. No, I am directing myself toward those who have that special someone and want to do everything possible to keep that special someone. Someone might wonder why so? Why not talk about the war zone in which every guy is for himself trying to get with a girl, which most think is where the hardships come in? Well the reason is that I never entered the war zone. I found that one girl that was perfect for me on the first try and I have been with her for four and a half years. By the way, the true hardships come in to play when you and your special one try to work on keeping each other happy and healthy. We all know that no one truly knows another person from day one. We do all that we can on the first date to show our perfect side. If date number one is a success, the following dates and will gradually portray the couples true colors. This is difficult but inevitable. It works out for some, but not for others and I want to touch base on the reasons behind that.
Using my love life as an example, I have been with my girlfriend since senior year of high school and we knew each other since freshman year. We have been through thick and thin. Classes, tests, graduation, work, introducing each other to our families, getting a car, taking care of a pug, which by the way is a hell lot worse than taking care of a child in my opinion; than again, what do I know, I am not ready for nor do I have a child….yet. Long story short, I have been through what most couples experience, and then some. We experienced fights, had our good times, exchanged tears – that’s right, I cried – and we shared our laughs. Four and a half years later we are still together and going strong.
Guess what? The success to our relationship is not hugs and kisses or our similarities. On the contrary, our success is due to our fights and flaws. Every day we argue or fight about literally the dumbest shit. Sometimes I really think we are married. Our fights are about who was supposed to do what, one braking the belongings of another, having to do favors for the family, me having to always be everywhere and at the exact time, to the second, and a personal favorite of my girlfriend’s, waking me up in the morning. Another BIG one that deserves its own sentence, one that I know we all dealt with, is choosing what to eat and all the dilemmas that deal with what follows.
I can tell you one thing right of the bat. You better hope that you have these fights, concerns, or questions amongst you and your loved one. For one, it expands your understanding of the significant other with the hope that one day, the reason for your fights are drilled into your heads so that you can finally wake up on time, all for the purpose of having that amazing feeling in your stomach that you made him or her happy. Two, if you don’t have these issues, than something is wrong. There is a reason why they ask you if you have any questions at an interview. The same thing applies here. If you don’t communicate your issues and concerns, than that shows your lack of interest in your relationship as in that interview. And this all goes into reason three. As I said earlier, you should wake up each and every day, grateful and happy for all these stupid fights because where there is room for other kinds of fights, there is room for issues of stealing, lack of satisfaction, cheating, diminishing interests at heart, and so on. I know for a fact that no one, not I, she, or anyone else wants to deal with that, and no one should ever have to deal with that because things get way too complicated in my opinion.
All of this can be avoided with communication. I love my girlfriend and one day she will be more than that. In fact, to me she already is. I love my love and you love yours. Let’s make sure it stays that way. You have to work for it.

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