Returning to your Big Fish Status

In high school, the big fish on campus is usually the popular student who has been quite popular since birth. The big fish pretty much owns the school, plays on all the sports teams, or cheerleads, definitely parties, and is just plain ol’ cool.
However, in college, everything can change. One day you’re a top dog senior, you rule the school, and the next day, you’re a measly freshman, lost in a herd of other measly freshman.
Well, that can all change back, and you can become the stud or prom princess you once were.
It’s all about establishing yourself on this new campus and making a new group of friends. Introduce yourself to your classmates, dorm mates, roommates, anyone who you can eventually bond with, and spend quality time with. This ensures that you not only have a solid foundation, but that you have party friends that want to hang out and be seen, or do the seeing.
Join a team/club/group/frat/sorority/etc. The way to stick out is to be involved. No one is paying attention to the quiet kids who just go to class and go back to their room. Get out there! Have fun. People are drawn to people who are dynamic, and who are having a good time.
Make sure your looks are perfected since high school. That hair cut you had last year might not look so good on you this year. That outfit you wore proudly down the halls of your high school may be played out.
Stay healthy and fit. A lot of people gain weight in college, thus, taking their status from hot, to luke warm, to even cold. Go to the local gym, or hit up the trails. Being fit and attractive is a key way you’ll stay the big fish and not fall into small fish role.
Last but not least, do well in school. I know this sound cheesy, but people like hanging out with people who are successful in college. Unlike high school where grades weren’t a determining factor about what made you cool, college is more elite and college students’ respect someone that actually knows what they’re talking about.

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