College preparation

Shannon Stinnett, a native of Arkansas, has served clients in Tennessee, Colorado, Georgia, and many more. Shannon is a recent graduate of the University of Central Arkansas where she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations. She specializes in Brand Cultivation public relations for clients that range from small businesses and online empires to corporations and partnerships of all natures.

Public relations is a career that Shannon fits so well. Her well-versed, versatile, professional demeanor and excitable personality has helped her expand her clientele way beyond central Arkansas. Shannon is currently a freelance public relations specialist, working on projects, such as: building a public charity, re-branding a local salon, and enterprising visions of several new clients.

Shannon is pursuing the opening of the first location of her Public Relations agency, Lotus 5ive. She enjoys growing in her daily life and understands the value of staying afloat of the knowledge of Public relations. In the next five to ten years, Shannon will have obtained her Accredited in Public Relations (APR) certification.

In preparation for college there are several factors that play a part in pursuing higher education. I started looking at colleges my sophomore year of High School. I had my dream college picked out. I had my dream career picked out. I had my future planned out. It seemed like everything was falling into place. Once I finally applied to my dream school, reality settled in. Tuition was $40,000 a year and it was 8 hours away from home. Freshman students couldn’t have a vehicle and the only family in that area lived 30 minutes from the city. I had the GPA, the test scores and the motivation but I didn’t have the means to go to the only College i’d ever considered attending. Reality has a funny way of hitting my life in a domino effect. After I realized I’d have to find another school, I began to look at the specifications for the career I’d always wanted. I had dreams of becoming a Clinical Child Psychologist for as long as I can remember. Junior year of high school, I decided to do some job shadowing. I soon realized that I had very little interest in Psychology. At this point I had no idea what my next move would be.
Junior year passed and I still had no idea what to do next. My dream school was officially ruled out and I was career searching daily to find a great fit. My senior year of high school came and it was crunch time. I looked at all of the schools in Arkansas. Placement was important. I wanted to go away from home but not so far that I could not come visit when I needed to. After months of searching and several college tours I decided on what I felt would be the best option for me. In Fall 2011 I was enrolled as a Freshman at the University of Central Arkansas. Once I had the alternative school chosen, I searched frantically for a possible career. Meteorology, Architecture, etc., crossed my mind but weren’t offered at UCA. When it was time to get registered for classes I still didn’t have a major. At this point my mother stepped in. She knew that i’d always loved math and excelled in technology so when she suggested Computer Science to me, I accepted. I started the 5-year track to a career of programming and coding. After the first semester, I couldn’t possibly see myself sitting behind a C++ programming software for the rest of my career. The next semester I switched my major. After getting involved with a college debate team, I noticed I had a talent for speaking well. With a little research I discovered the Public Relations and/or Speech Communication degree tracts.
I begin the journey to a Degree in Public Relations in Spring of 2012. Needless to say, there are so many ways a student can choose to do college. Their parents’ way, their high school’s way, their friend’s way or the RIGHT way—their way! Going to college, you will get heaping amounts of advice. What you choose to listen to is your choice but DO NOT allow this advice to shape your experience. You don’t know what you haven’t experienced until you get to college. So all of those “Don’t do this…don’t do that” speeches—can ‘em, well most of ‘em. Intelligent failure teaches you more than not doing it at all. This goes for major, residency, work, social life, greek life, etc. Whatever it is that you choose to do, do it with no reservations. How do you know you’ve done it the right way? When it’s time to go purchase your regalia, you will have one of two feelings: this have been a great journey or I wish I could have done this a little differently. I picked up my regalia a few days ago and before I could swipe my card, tears were streaming down my face. Deciding to do college my way meant much more to me than it would have if i’d continued the tract that was decided for me. I participated in organizations that bettered me, faced the struggle of a fluctuating GPA, parties, pulled countless all-nighters, joined a greek organization, and through it all remained humble and steadfast on a journey much bigger than me. Do college the right way!

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