Rita Slanina, contributing fashion columnist. Rita Slanina was born in Warren, Ohio. She now, currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where she works as a freelance writer. From her living room floor, because her budget is better spent on fashion than furniture

Finding an outfit that suits both your style and your budget can be a daunting task. Especially when you have a full schedule of classes, finals and social commitments. My own personal style varies from what I call, hobo chic to the professional-ready. And whatever I can throw together in between. If I can avoid dressing up though… I typically do. Let’s get down to the business of fashion. It’s why I’m here, right? The outfit I’m wearing to the left has edge and if you’re heading for a night out on the town, you will be able to emulate this with items you already have in your closet, with minimal to effort from your wallet.

For this outfit, I wanted to hit the ground running in an ensemble that said, look at me, I’m hot and my skin isn’t showing; But I’m still hot and you want to know me. It’s sexy without being, well… You know. Let’s start with the flowy tank in Melon. The light and breezy feel of this tank softens the look and helps you remain approachable. This was a gift from my mother about a year ago and I typically wear it with jeans and heels, or if I’m feeling adventurous, as I do in said photo, I will pair it pleather leggings. Pleather? Yes. Pleather. Pleather is the leather pant, that isn’t really, well, leather. Pleather has more of a plasticy-leather feel to them, and are definitely, not leather. Which also means it will be more cost effective! I grabbed those babies at my local no name retail shop, for a whopping $8. If you don’t have the moula for a new pair of leggings, most of us girls, will have a pair of plain black leggings in our closets anyway, so dig those suckers out. With a flowy tank, and leggings that you already own, pop on a pair of high heels. The heels I’m wearing I bought at the mall for about $40. Maybe you don’t have the black and white referee version that I am wearing in the photo (available at Sheik, my all time favorite shoe store for edgy, crazy and just plain sexy shoes,) but you can definitely achieve the feel of this look with a pair of plain black stilettos. Or ballerina flats. Stay in the color wheel of black for your shoes though, keeps it edgy. Finally, hit the jewelry store. The fishnet gloves ($6) will be about the only thing you may really “need” to purchase to complete this look. Pile on the bangles in overload and you are ready for a night out, in style. This look is simple and fast to put together. And rockin’ awesome enough to bring you to the center of attention at any party, on or off campus.


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