Study Abroad in Paris

Saleswoman by day, writer by night. Ashley is a graduate from SUNY Potsdam who majored in English-Writing and Journalism. Finding herself missing the freedom that being an undergrad gave her to write and explore her creativity, Ashley loves taking on little writing projects that allow her to remember why she chose a degree in English in the first place. Ashley enjoys the finer things in life; You can often find her with a plate of fancy cheese and crackers, a piping hot mug of tea, and a book in hand. Ashley hopes that one day, millions of people around the world will be able to experience her writing and fall in love with it, as she has with countless books. It is her life goal to be a published novelist.

By Ashley Wixon

It’s not hard to fall in love with your classes when they’re taking place in the most romantic city known to man. Forget about the food, art, and sights of Paris, France for just a second. Nearly impossible, I know. Now, consider yourself actually learning something while immersing yourself in the beautiful Parisian culture. Studying abroad in France will give you the chance to experience the glamour and the romance of one of the World’s most beautiful countries, while also getting a once in a lifetime education. Are you a history buff? Check out one of Paris’s thousands of museums like the Louvre, one of the world’s largest museums, or the National Museum of Modern Art, also known as Pompidou Center. If you like art, but aren’t into lines and crowds, stroll the streets for a glimpse of some beautiful street art. These creations are much more impressive than those of the self-proclaimed graffiti artists you see in some other places. Aside from street art, Paris itself is a colorful city. Take for example Rue la Crémieux, a small street hidden within the city, adorned with colorful terraced apartments that would make any college student want to stay and shack up in one of those. Even the libraries are amazing; Paris is home to the Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève, a fabulous work of architecture designed and constructed from 1838-1850. Getting your studying done in a place like this somehow makes homework seem much more enjoyable.
There are enough study abroad programs in Paris to appeal to every type of student. Consider taking International Business at the American Business School, or learn everything you need to know about the French language at Paris Sorbonne University. If food is your thing, take advantage of Parisian cuisine and learn how to be a certified French chef at Le Cordon Bleu. Can you say “délicieux”? If you want an all-around education, though, check out what programs your school offers. For a single fee, lots of universities sponsor study abroad programs, helping students get a kick start on travel expenses, airfare, and living arrangements.
Studying abroad in Paris is a lot more than just attending classes at beautiful museums, institutions, universities, and historical sights. Taking advantage of everything that Paris has to offer is literally a necessity. Don’t go to one of the most whimsical, magical, and breathtaking cities in the world without popping a bottle of champagne at the Eiffel Tower, or without meeting your classmates at one of the hundreds of inspiring cafes, or without stepping foot in the Sainte-Chapelle, one of Paris’s most exquisite churches.
Studying abroad is a gift to all students, something that everyone should take advantage of. Who wouldn’t want to take a few months of their undergraduate career to fall in love with a city such as Paris? Everyone who has done it, loves it. Those who never got the chance, regret it forever. Life is just more beautiful in France, even when you have to go to class.

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