College roommate

My name is Elise and I am a first year student in college. I am pursing a double major in International Relation and French with a minor in Spanish. I am an ambivert, a bibliophile, a bibliophagist and possibly a bibliomaniac! My passions lie in all things environmental and the pursuit for equality. I love to travel, learn new languages, eat good food and meet wonderful people with an open mind and a flare for adventure.

Almost, if not all, colleges and universities are doing it now: having a Facebook page for their incoming classes. This was how I met my (temporary) roommate. I “met” her on Facebook which I suppose is not exactly odd considering we are in the digital age. My future classmates to be started posting ads on our class Facebook page while in search of possible roommates. My (temporary) roommate and I spoke for a while on Facebook and it turned out we had a lot in common. She was planning on moving in early to take part in a summer transition program offered by our college and so was I so we were rather compatible. It was also nice to talk to someone who was as enthusiastic about college life as I was.
With all this said when you’re getting ready to choose a roommate for your freshmen year in college and you do not exactly know that many people who are in your incoming freshmen class, it makes it difficult to find the “right” person to room with. If you are someone like me you probably took the quizzes about what your ideal roommate would be like and such but you have probably already heard that, college is a time to discover who you truly are. Part of that is realizing that who you are in high school might not be the same person you turn out to be in college.
The fact is this, just like in the real world, not everyone is going to like you and you are not going to get along with everyone you meet. It is the truth. You might end up disliking your roommate after moving in together during your first year and that is perfectly fine! Your residence assistance (RA) is there to help you through it all. With all the pressure of completing the FAFSA, not to mention actually being accepted to the college of your dreams, thinking about how well you are likely to get along with your roommate is the last thing on your mind. Just as you should not get a tattoo while drunk, you also should not agree on matching bed sheets, pillow cases, towels, etc. before meeting someone in person. It is cute at first until you realize that you should have initialed your belongings.
Looking for a college roommate is pretty much the same as looking for a roommate in any other situation. You will be living with this person and they will have access to your personal belonging so there might be certain things that you might want to ensure.
Things like:
1) You trust each other.
2) There are clear boundaries as to what one can do and cannot do.
3) The temperature in the room is agreed upon.
4) Locking the door every time one person steps out is talked about.
5) You should both agree on what your dorm room will smell like (trust me it matters). What I mean by this: you both should decide whether to use Fragrance Candles or sprays.
6) What time the light goes out and what time the light comes back on.
7) How loud should the music be and when is the quiet hour.
8) What/who is or not allowed in the room.
Whatever comes up, you both talk about it and not just keep it inside until a thousand and one things pile up. Having a roommate is wonderful but can also be frustrating when there is a lack of communication, but when you take the necessary precautions it can be a wonderful experience!

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