Unless you live in an apartment, which usually isn’t possible your freshman year, your bathroom routine becomes a whole new animal. Temporarily gone are the days of setting up your bottles of soaps around your tub. For now, embrace the nomadic bathing routine.

First and foremost, make sure you have a comfy robe so that you can comfortably travel from your dorm room to the shower. Some dorms have men and women on the same floor, so it’s not advisable to go from your room to the bathroom in just a towel. Be securely covered up in a robe instead, and go for one in your favorite color or a fun pattern.

Don’t rely on your robe to soak up all the water when you get out of the shower though. Make sure you bring a towel. After you use the towel to dry off your body, you can don your robe and throw the towel into a turban around your head to help dry your hair. After a few minutes though, the towel has soaked up all it can, so then you’ll either need to let it air dry or use a blow-dryer. Never leave your blow-dryer, straightener or curler in the bathroom unattended because a fellow dormmate may decide it should belong to her.

Next, pick up a pair of plastic flip-flops or sandals in a material that won’t soak up the water. Community showers can be breeding grounds for foot fungi and other pests, so protect your feet by wearing sandals in the shower. Try to find some sandals with good tread so you don’t slip in the shower. Also, be sure to make these your shower sandals and refrain from wearing them outside your dorm.

Because you don’t have a personal shower, you should buy a caddy to lug around all your toiletries. Look for a caddy that has holes in the bottom so that it doesn’t collect water. Chances are it’s going to get wet when you use it. In general, the bigger the caddy, the better. You save money by buying soaps in larger bottles, so to accommodate all your large bottles, you’ll need a sizable caddy.

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