Running into Your Ex

Alexa Johnson

You’ve had an amazing semester at school and now it’s time to come home for the holidays. The one person you’re not excited to run into this delightful season? Your ex.

Alas, if you are from the same hometown, you’re bound to run into him or her somewhere. No one likes having a mental breakdown in the middle of the local coffee shop. So when you see your long lost beau, take a deep breath, remain calm, and act accordingly.

It’s easy to avoid every place you two have ever frequented, but well, then you would never leave the house! The best thing to do when you unexpectedly run into your ex is to be the bigger person and say hello. Don’t cowardly divert eye contact and run away. You want to show your ex just how confident, successful and awesome you have become without them!

Running into your ex at a party is the worst. First of all, you’re probably not in your sane, sober mood. Adding alcohol to the situation might cause you to say or do things you shouldn’t. So be careful and keep it to a one-drink minimum if you do go out to a place you know your ex will be. Make sure you say hi or give a small wave to them. If you don’t want to do something you’ll regret, don’t feel bad about leaving early. There will always be another party!

Sometimes our exes play the “let’s stay friends” card with us when we break up. But if that’s too hard for you, don’t feel pressured to stick to it. If your ex keeps contacting you because they know you’re home, trying to grab coffee or dinner or just “talk,” it’s up to you first, whether or not you want to go, and second, to stand your ground saying no. If you do decide to go, be prepared for bad (or good) consequences.

No matter what you do, always keep your conversations with him or her upbeat and pleasant. Even if you’re feeling completely miserable and heartbroken on the inside, the best revenge is them seeing you stronger than ever. And always remember that one day, when you find “the one,” you’ll be able to run into your ex and not even feel a thing!

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