Rushing a Sorority

I’m Janelle Hamood. I’m a 20 year old college student in my Junior year at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. I am a Phi Mu at UMD, where I serve as our philanthropy chair, planning any and all of our charity events! For a living I plan weddings, but LOVE to write in my free time!


Each day I would wake up, make my 5 minute drive to campus, go to class and come home. Never talking to anyone, making friends, or getting involved. Knowing I was not allowed (per my parents’ rules) to leave for college, I figured I had to make the most of my experience and make this commuter campus seem a little less lame.

One day I walked into my SPAN101 class and “KEEP CALM AND GO GREEK” was written in giant bold letters across the chalkboard. I googled “UMD Greek Life” and to my surprise there were a lot of hits, including one link to sign up for “Formal Sorority Recruitment”. It sounded so fancy and intimidating, but it really made me think. I mean, it couldn’t be thatttt bad, right? Well, lets see.

I (late as usual) walked into this small room in the University Center where a bunch of girls were sitting in a nice, solid, awkward silence. I signed in, and plopped myself down amongst the group of girls, none which looked even remotely familiar, so that’s always nice and comforting.

Scoping out the room, everyone seemed to be nervous as if we were all virgins about to be sacrificed. Looking back on it now, I understand why we had those looks on our faces. No, we weren’t actually waiting to be sacrificed. We were waiting to participate in our first formal sorority recruitment. But I imagine it would be just as nerve-racking.

You spend a week going from room to room (or house to house on other campuses), talking to a bunch of peppy and excited girls you’ve never met (Don’t try to remember all their names- You just can’t), learning about all the awesome stuff they do, their traditions, their sisterhood and how much they love each other. And I promise you, these girls will make sorority life sound like the most amazing thing on earth. And, well, it pretty much is.

Any potential new member has thoughts rushing through her mind while some girl is spitting every bit of info at her about her chapter’s annual philanthropy event. But my hairs not Blonde, are those pretty girls going to like me? Are my future sisters going to make me streak through campus naked for initiation? Is this like real life Mean Girls?

Sorry Ladies, contrary to popular belief, we will NOT haze you, and I am not a Regina George protégé. We call it sisterhood for a reason. We protect one another, care for each other, and help each other. Like we really just love our sisters, okay?

I understand joining (or even considering joining) a sorority is a big step to take at any point in your college career, but man you won’t regret it. Participating in formal recruitment was the best decision of my life. I’ve met my best friends, my role models, my future bridesmaids, and 45 ladies my children will think actually are their biological Aunts. I will never forget these ladies.

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