Fashion advice for women

Shani Hakakian. NYU Stern School of Business

Collegiates of all kinds (whom are looking for fashion advice), my purpose here is to provide you with chic AND affordable (we all have our debts to pay off) looks to get you through the college years. Just to give you a quick intro to moi; my name is Shani Hakakian, I am a junior at NYU Stern and I am concentrating in finance. I veer towards the simple yet impressionable side of the fashion world. Personally, I love dressing for autumn. “Why?” you may ask. Let me switch over into professional mode and use some bullet points:

a) It gives me a chance to experiment with layering
b) I love warm colors (maroon, mustard yellow, etc.)
c) I could wear booties all day, every day
d) I think jackets are fashion staples to an outfit

My mornings consist of me yelling into my closet trying to find the perfect outfit for school, lying face down on the floor because I gave up, then getting back up on the horse because life is full of obstacles that you must overcome.
So, what exactly does a perfect outfit consist of? (WARNING: more bullet points coming your way)

The Perfect Outfit:
• *Comfortable*
• Simple T-shirt/sweatshirt (depending on the weather)
• Your favorite pair of jeans
• Leather jacket
• Everyday jewelry

If you catch me on a typical day at school, I am most probably wearing at least 3/5 of the essentials. I need to stress the importance of comfort, hence the two asterisks on either side of the word. If I’m not comfortable in an outfit, I wont wear it. You must be comfortable with how you look and how you feel. I find that I’m able to concentrate better in school because of it, but that’s just me.

The real question is Where Do I Find Chic & Affordable Clothes?
We’re all living on a budget, BUT that doesn’t mean we have to dress like ogres. There are some things you spend on and some things you don’t!
DO spend a little more on the staples of your wardrobe. You will always need a black/white T-shirt, a leather jacket, blue jeans, simple sweaters, and black leather booties.
DON’T spend on the trendier items in life: when was the last time you wore those harem pants you bought last year? I thought so. There’s always going to be a new trend sending the old trends out to goodwill. You can still be a good person without spending so much.

Exception to the Rule: ZARA! They’ve got the staples, they’ve got the trends, and its all for a reasonable price. Guys, they’re not even paying me to advertise, I’m doing this willingly. 90% of my wardrobe is from Zara. It’s always a good decision. Never doubt it. (Get the Zara app; you don’t even have to leave your house)

Some of the staples I spoke about can be seen in this photo on my (professional) model slash sister on my (chic) beige couch.

Leather Jacket: Iro
Sweater: Vince
Jeans: J Brand
Booties: Zara

Stay Sassy.

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