Say Hello To Coconut Oil and It’s Amazing Benefits

Coconut oil has quickly become the new “it” natural beauty remedy over the past year. It can be used for a whole range of things cooking to beauty. Even better, a jar of coconut oil only costs around $8 at the grocery store. Make sure to always buy organic, unrefined, extra virgin coconut oil. This version is the least processed and the most pure. I have 5 main uses for coconut oil and I promise that that by the time you are finished reading this you will be on your way to the store to pick up your own bottle of coconut oil.
1. Makeup Remover: Coconut oil is a really great natural and gentle way to remove eye makeup. I especially love it for removing waterproof mascara, which never seems to want to come off. Plus it helps to hydrate and nourish your eyelashes.
2. Hair Mask: I love how shiny and silky coconut oil leaves my hair. Heat up a giant spoonful in the microwave for a few seconds, only until it is warm and melted (you don’t want it to get too hot) and apply to wet hair from the roots to tips. Put on a shower cap and sleep with it on your hair overnight. Rinse in the morning and style as usual. You will see the difference immediately.
3. Body Moisturizer: I love using coconut oil on my dry elbows and feet because the oil not only has amazing moisturizing properties; it also helps to remove rough, flaky skin. Plus the smell reminds me of being on the beach.
4. Lip Balm: I love spreading a little coconut oil on my lips when they are feeling dry. The fatty acids in the oil help to lock in moisture and it makes my lips feel smooth.
5. Shaving Cream: My legs are ultra-sensitive when it comes to shaving. I recently tried using coconut oil in the shower instead of shaving cream and loved the result. No little cuts and my legs felt super soft afterwards.

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