Dating advice for college students

By Erin Sebastian

Leaving home and going to college is one of the biggest steps one can take. You are probably used to having your family, friends and familiar faces around and having limited responsibility…that is all about to change! Believe me, I know this all too well after moving from the East coast to the West coast to attend college. I entered myself into an environment that was way out of my comfort zone and was so unsure about the future. All of my high school friends were moving on with their lives and I knew I had to as well. At this point, my relationship with my high school boyfriend ended, as a lot of relationships do when college gets in the way. I felt like nothing could go right while I found myself in an unfamiliar town with no one to lean on. I read a few articles and talked to a few friends and I quickly realized college is meant to change your life in one way or another and this change is good, great even. I realized the most important thing is to be a little selfish and look out for yourself. Take a moment and notice all of the positive around you and get involved sooner rather than later! I was blessed with amazing roommates and we had each other to lean on. I ended up joining a sorority even though I never thought I would. I said yes to most of the dates I was asked on and I really put myself out of my comfort zone and challenged myself to make the best of every single situation I faced.
I would say that the one thing I learned in college that made my experience so positive, is to say “Yes” more! Join a club! Join a sorority/fraternity! Join an intramural sports team! Can’t find a club that interests you? Create your own and ask your peers if they want to join! Whatever your interest is, get involved. Getting involved in a club that meets your interests is an amazing way to meet new friends because you already share similar interests. Who knows, you could meet your future best friend or boyfriend! It is beyond normal for someone to be hesitant or afraid of putting themselves out there, but that is what life is all about! The more you are involved, the faster college life will seem normal and more comfortable. When your cute dorm-mate asks you to get dinner, why not go? If your corky dorm-mate from across the hall asks if you want to join her to meet up with some friends, go! The best way to meet new people and build relationships is to show up, wherever that may be. Another thing, keep a journal! Write about your experiences whether it be in a few words or a few paragraphs! College flies by and you are going to want to remember these experiences you are about to embark on! Life is about experiences, good and bad and the more you say yes the more experiences you will have!

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