Saying Goodbye; Saying Hello

Morgan Moorhead is a recent graduate from Bloomsburg University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts with Communication Studies as her major. She is currently working with a recruiting and staffing firm in Philadelphia, PA. However, she has been writing a book for the past six months, which is her true passion at this point in her life. When not working or writing, you can find Morgan exploring the live music scene in Philadelphia, this is what helps her feel alive. Along with spending time with friends and family.

As I finish putting the last of my clothes in the closet, I can see my father hanging a couple of pictures up on my wall. My mother is gently pressing the creases out of my comforter for what might be the last time. I hear a small sniffle and realize my mom is close to tears. Her youngest of three is finally leaving for college, empty nest syndrome has taken over in full force.
“I can’t believe my baby is leaving, how did 18 years go by so quickly; I swore you were just born yesterday,” my mother exclaims with tears rolling down her eyes.
“Mom, I am only two hours away! And with technology these days, we can keep in touch at the snap of our fingers,” I replied as I rolled my eyes. I crossed the room to give her a hug.
On the outside, my cool, calm, demeanor is merely a front for my parent’s sake. If they knew the anxiety and fears I was holding deep within myself, I doubt they would ever leave. The biggest fear that was consuming me was making new friends. I had found my niche in high school, but this was a whole new ballgame. 35,000 students, someone was bound to like me….right?
The days leading up to my first day, I kept reminding myself everyone is in the same boat. We all want friends. The best thing to do is put yourself out there. Go to that club meeting that you might be hesitant to go to. Show up to the intramural basketball program they have, even if you aren’t all that good. Though a sorority or fraternity may not be for you, why not show your face during rush week just to get a feel of what it might actually entail. Who knows, you might meet your best friend there.
I kept repeating these words of advice as I shuffled around my new dorm room trying to get acclimated.
A knock came from the door, “Hello!!” said a bright eyed smiling 5 foot nothing blonde girl. She came barreling in the room before I could even respond.
“I’m Tiffany, I live right next door, I’m about to go down to the cafeteria with a few other girls, wanna join?” she continued.
Relief washed over me instantly. Maybe this wouldn’t be as hard as I thought.
“Oh hi there! I’m Cassandra. Actually, I would really like that. Anyway you could give me a few minutes? My parents and I are just saying our goodbyes.
“We are??” My mother chimed in.
“I’ll be right over,” I quickly interjected.
“Take your time, we will be right next door,” Tiffany said.
I had to keep myself together for my mother’s sake. I could have broken down right then and there but I knew letting her baby go was probably way harder for her then for me. I was about to experience freedom like I never had before, this was a scary thought to both of us. But my confidence inside me was growing because that is what I was coming to college for; to grow, to make mistakes, to learn and to evolve. These were the years for me to become the young woman I had been dreaming about since I was a little girl. The time was now. Fears were nothing compared to the amazing experiences I was about to go through. I was ready.
“So this is it” I looked up at my parents. “Your baby girl is all grown up and going to college!!”
“You are going to do amazing sweetie,” my father said.
“I’m so happy for you Cass,” my mom spit out in between sobs.
“It sure seems like it,” I said laughing.
“Oh stop, these are happy tears,” she said.
I went in for a group hug and choked back the sob that was in my throat. I was determined to be strong.
“I love you both, thank you so much for everything,” I said to my parents.
“We love you so much,” they replied and started collecting their belongings.
“Have so much fun and be good!” said my dad.
They were at the doorway and both looked back for one final wave goodbye. Then they were out of sight. I looked around my dorm room, taking in everything. This was it, I was on my own, ready for the next chapter of my life.

Morgan Moorhead

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