Scarves, scarves, scarves

Can one really have too many scarves? I think not. Like most women I have scarves in my closet that I haven’t worn in so long they are probably covered in dust. Why let such an awesome accessory hang in my closet you wonder. Well, as much as I love scarves and the way they look on other women, I always have a bit of trouble figuring out what outfit to pair with a scarf. Another problem I have is finding a cool way to tie it so that I don’t end up looking like it is choking me while still staying on all day. I did some digging to solve my problems and found several helpful tips on what to wear and how to tie a perfect scarf.
1. If the scarf is big, dress snug. Large wool scarfs or ones that are super drapey look best with clothes that aren’t competing with its size. Wear something more fitted like a plain white tee or a fitted jacket if at work.

2. Scarf first, then outfit. It can be hard to be all dressed and then try to add a scarf to an outfit. This is the problem I would always run into, I could never find a scarf to match what I was wearing. A clever way to avoid this is to pick out your scarf first. This way you can add complimenting pieces instead of being stuck with no option.

3. Think outside the box. Just because it is a scarf don’t think that the only place it can go is around your neck. Scarfs look awesome as a headband or to tie up your hair. Another cool idea is to use a large scarf as a sari or wrap to wear over your bathing suit while at the pool or beach.

4. YouTube is your friend. When I searched how to tie a scarf you’d be blown away with how many articles and videos popped up. Explaining how to tie a scarf in a unique way can be hard to do through writing. For this type of thing it is so much easier for me to understand if I can actually see it. O

With so many inspiration pictures and videos online you are bound to find a new way to work those scarves out of your closet and into your daily wear.

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