Scents Guaranteed to Make You Feel Good

We all know how powerful a certain smell can be on our brain. Take for example gardenia. Every time I smell it I am instantly taken back to playing in my Nana’s garden as a child. To this day it is one of my favorite scents and I wear it as often as I can. So it’s no surprise that research has actually proven that different smells can have a major effect on our mood. For example, fresh cut grass reminds us all of summer and can improve our mood (though I do not stand behind grass-scented perfume). I did a little digging and found the top 5 scents that are known to improve your mood and instantly perk you up.

Jasmine and Rose
Floral scents are a staple when it comes to creating perfumes or even scented candles. But did you know that Jasmine and rose are known to be positive emotion inducers? This explains why they have been used in aromatherapy for years.


Citrus scents have been known to automatically lift moods, but the pure, bright scent of lemon oil seems to be one of the most effective scents when it comes to creating a positive mood. It can lift your spirits and help to reduce anxiety. So the next time you are feeling anxious, try spritzing some lemon oil on your wrists and feel those worries disappear.

Lavender has been shown to improve mood, decrease anxiety, and help ease physical pain. Have you ever noticed how so many bath products are lavender scented? So the next time you need to calm down after a stressful day, add some lavender oil to your bath or burn a lavender candle.
Rosemary is a great scent for if you are trying to learn something new. It has been known to help make you more mentally alert and even at times retain information. So the next time you are cramming for a test, grab a bunch of fresh rosemary and smell it while you are studying.
The next time you want to add some extra punch to your workout try some fresh peppermint. Inhaling peppermint has been known to increase motivation, energy and confidence.

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