School style

Iris has had a love of writing as long as she can remember, but didn’t start writing professionally until 2011. After establishing herself as a freelancer, she opened up her own writing and editing firm in 2014. She has written everything from research reports for academic institutions to articles for news sites to marketing material for major corporations. Although her work has included content on a wide variety of subjects, she particularly likes writing about academics, education policy, and politics.

How long does it take you to pick out an outfit for a day of class? Are you the kind of girl who refuses to repeat an outfit all semester, or do you roll out of bed five minutes before class wearing sweats? There’s no real answer to what the right school style is. One of the great attractions of college is the increased freedom compared to high school. Even though public schools typically don’t require students to wear uniforms, they still outline dress codes to which students must adhere closely. College, on the other hand, allows you to truly express your style and make a strong fashion statement, if you so choose. Walking around a college campus you undoubtedly see people who can be categorized by their style choices – the hippies, the hipsters, the punk rockers, the preppy girls, the tomboys…the list could go on. You don’t necessarily have to feel guilty about drawing conclusions about a person based on how they dress. In this case the cover of the book you are judging can actually offer a wealth of information! Style is a non-verbal way to give the rest of campus a glimpse of your personality and identify with others who dress similarly. So what’s the “right” school style for you? The answer: whatever you want! Instead of feeling like you have to conform to what other women are wearing on campus, take their ideas and make them your own. Plus, one of the great things about dorm life is that you really have your own closet full of clothes multiplied by the number of friends you have! As you dress for class or an event on campus or a night in town, there’s no longer any need to limit yourself to what you hauled with you onto campus. If you have a sister, you may be familiar with the clothes-sharing system. The difference, however, is that you probably got annoyed with your sister at least once or twice for mooching off of you! In college it is so much easier to piece together an outfit and swap clothing and accessory items in a hassle-free manner. Plus you get to save money because there’s no need to shop for enough clothes to last you all year without repeating an item. With the wardrobe of dozens of girls at your disposal, a shortage on outfits is a thing of the past! But hey, maybe you could care less about fashion. Maybe you’d rather saunter across campus in yoga pants or athletic shorts and a pair of well-loved flip-flops. In that case, embrace your desire for comfort and let it boost your confidence further. Remember, how good you look directly correlates to how confident you feel! And at the end of the day, know that no one is paying attention to what you’re wearing nearly as much as you think they are. Especially on large college campuses where there are simply too many people for any one student to analyze everyone’s fashion choices. So commit to your style, whatever it is, dare to take some chances, and feel going knowing that whatever you wear, it’s a style that’s uniquely yours!

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