School Uniform

No, not that kind of uniform. We’re talking about guidelines on what to wear for almost any occasion in your average college girl’s life.
• Headed to Class – Especially if you have any early morning class, layers are the most important part of the going-to-class ensemble. Toss on a warm, always elegant cardigan sweater to start. Buy them in different colors and textures to change things up. Or throw on a chic overcoat in a bright an unexpected color if the weather is cloudy or rainy. Don’t forget a “finishing” piece such as a printed scarf or statement earrings, and you’re ready!

• Daytime Weekend – You probably try and pack in a lot of different activities on your weekend, right? Studying, workouts, errands, shopping, brunch. The key is to plan ahead so you’re prepared for all of these different activity’s wardrobe needs. What can perform this formidable task better than fitness wear? Yoga pants, high-performance fabrics, the comfort and ease all add to their versatility. Don’t forget a headband and your ear buds.

• Girls Night Out – Choose jeans, awesome heels or boots and a cute top or tank for this uniform. There are only about a bazillion different options for you to choose from. Embellished tanks are super pretty and you don’t need to add a ton of jewelry. Even a basic tee can work if it’s not boring. Be sure there’s some color, texture and print to make a regulation t-shirt stand out from the crowd.

• Date Night – You’ll need a go-to dress you can accessorize in distinctly different ways. This can – but doesn’t have to be! – a little black dress. But think outside of the box for other, more exciting options. What about a little red dress that is cut to the knee and not too fitted. Same goes for your shoes. Choose ones that aren’t too high or uncomfortable. You’ll want some freedom of movement when you and your boyfriend hit the dance floor!

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