Security guard death statistics

Being a security guard comes with risks. What are the chances of being killed while on the job? In one southern state last year there were 112 security officers feloniously killed on duty. That is almost as many as police that died on duty from accidents, off-duty incidents and natural causes combined. Security officer injuries and assaults have been increasing every year.
It has only been recently that industries started keeping track of these kinds of assault statistics. The actual number of assaults is thought to be much higher, by as much as 12 to 20 percent. Often security officers do not report many situations that arise because they feel it is just part of the job. Assaults are thought to be a routine threat of security work.
The general public often takes the abuse given to security officers for granted. In fact assaults on security guards are on the rise in locations such as shopping centers or malls.
Nightclubs, residential areas and retail centers report the most deaths and assaults. A nightclub is a location where patrons are drinking and maybe using drugs making them quick to attack any opposing force. A security guard trying to enforce the nightclubs rules may be met with unhappy customers who take action.
Hospitals also report an unusually high number of assaults on security officers. This may be a result of stress and tension levels being high at emergency rooms of hospitals. People injured in criminal activity are often brought to the hospital.
The average shopping facility or mall has 50 to 110 reports of assault on a security guard per year. This may be an under-reporting of actual incidents. Often assaults are not reported because the mall’s management company does not want the information to get out to the general public. This would negatively affect the public’s image of safety at the mall. So either the incident doesn’t get reported or it doesn’t get classified as an assault.
Security officers often take on the role of first responders to any threat happening in an environment. Because they are being put in harm’s way they are often injured or even killed. The industry is looking at providing more training for security guards and better equipment to handle these situations.

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