Security guard gear


Security guards look professional and wear uniforms that build confidence.  With private security guards and officers roles on the rise this has caused uniform companies and agencies to manufacture gear that gives attention to their specific needs.

If you are thinking of working in the security guard industry you can be assured that most companies want you to look the part.  They will usually make sure you are stocked and supplied with gear that will enable you to do the best job possible.

Most of us have seen security guard uniforms and they look similar to the traditional police style uniforms.  This is by design. Companies want their guard to look similar to a police officer to give them a sense of authority.  The only major difference is the security guards’ uniforms are more economical and have less features packed into the piece.

Shirts and trousers of a Security Guard usually have insignia located somewhere on the item to help separate their role from citizens or other office personnel. Many companies will issue a security guard a baton as an intermediate force weapon.  These are weapons that can be easily carried and ready at a moment’s notice.  A baton offers unparalleled psychological deterrence.  It is a look of force yet it helps keep a low profile and an improved public image.

Different from a revolver, batons are easily maintained and do not need calibration or “cleaning.”   A baton provides a better balance than traditional impact weapons. And the baton usually comes with a clip on for a utility or officer’s belt.

Many other items are needed to complete a Security guards uniform and the gear they carry.  Each item is designed and used for a specific purpose.

Source cited:  Security Officer Apparel Store

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