Study in another country

My name is Desmond Castain and I am a 22 year old Spring 2014 graduate. I attended San Diego State University where I received my Bachelor of Science in Finance. I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area where I graduated from high school before moving to San Diego, California. I am currently living and working in Los Angeles, California. I am working toward gaining experience in some of the different facets of corporate finance before I apply to graduate school where I will be pursing a Master of Business Administration. A few areas of interest to me within business that I learned in and out of school are forecasting, consulting and advising. In addition to developing my career I am an active runner and have kept this hobby since I was very young. Keeping active and staying healthy is very important to me along with achieving success in my career!

Studying abroad is one of the most amazing opportunities that can present itself to students. The exposure that it offers to various cultures, locations, learning styles, and development of new relationships is invaluable. It is also a great chance to further develop yourself and explore and find out more about the things that you like and dislike. During my college career did not take advantage of all the assistance that my campus provided for students who were interested in studying abroad. Though I did not end up studying abroad, I was most interested in traveling to Australia to supplement my academics at San Diego State University. I believe that Australia would be a beautiful place to explore and learn more about. While studying abroad I would have been able to choose from a number of classes that would have satisfied program requirements for the business program that I was a part of. Often times when students study abroad, they are able to choose from a number of subjects to take classes in; whether it be classes that give credit toward the major that you are pursuing or General Education requirements that you must fulfill for your campus. This creates endless possibilities for places that students are able to travel to and topics for them to study. In addition, because there are so many different programs that students are able to become a part of, they may find one that fits any time requirements that they have. They are able to complete a program that lasts from three weeks to a year even.
In addition, students are often concerned about the amount of money that it will cost to travel because it can sometimes be expensive. However, this makes studying abroad with a college campus even more appealing. Most times the tuition that a student is paying at their college is about the same amount of money that they would need for the program that they are entering abroad. Students are also encouraged to apply for scholarships to help with the cost of additional expenses such as airfare, food and other fun activities while they are out experiencing a great new place. For so many reasons, studying abroad is an unmatched opportunity. I know that I will have other opportunities in life to travel to other countries and learn about their cultures, but doing so in college would have provided an experience that would last a lifetime. I encourage all students to seriously consider studying abroad because you’ll do so in a great place alongside great people.

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