Seeking a Career Choice that Will Offer You Tons of Options?

After doing much research on the different fields of Electronics, I have come to the conclusion that a career in Electronics is one of the best choices you can make.  Why?  Just take a look around you to see the answer.  We are an electronic society.

Why are there so many choices?

Have you ever been in a power shortage or a blackout?  What did you do?  Could you eat? If you have a gas stove, you could.  Could you flush your toilet or turn on the spigot?  If you don’t live in the country and have a well and a pump, you could.  What did you do for amusement or just to pass the time?  You cannot watch television, you cannot use the internet, you cannot charge your phone or your tablet of Kindle, and you cannot see to read unless you have a bright flashlight.  Unless you have a generator to give you some power, you are literally S.O.L.  We take electricity so much for granted.  Everywhere you turn, something you need to use is electric.  Within the field of electronics, there will always be a need for people to be able to work to help keep the power flowing, not to mention the installation and repair of the items that depend on electricity.

What kinds of choices are there?

There are thousands of jobs and careers out there for someone with electronics skills and knowledge.  Here are some fields that are available in this career choice:

And many, many others.  Just think, each one of these fields includes many different types of jobs within them.  We are looking at thousands and thousands of roles that are available in all of the fields and different levels of expertise; which offers many choices of educational levels that are required to perform the different duties requires for each position.

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