Standardized exams are undoubtedly here to stay and continue to be used to measure our aptitude in all sorts of professional areas. They are used certifying mechanics to licensing physicians, lawyers, police officers and Emergency Medical Technicians.

Online courses aimed at helping us prepare for such standardized exams are everywhere and there are more every year. How can you tell apart the great from the good and the good from the avoid-at-all-cost? Follow the guidelines listed below to find out:

1. Have you heard of them? With exam preparation resources, word-of-mouth is critical. Students love to vent their honest opinions about exam preparation resources and now, more than ever, they are taking to the net to do it. Having said that, don’t forget that nothing can substitute your own experience with a particular review course.
2. How do they compare in the number of available practice questions versus their competitors. Beware that the number of questions is only one factor of many, all of which are equally important! Many companies find it all too easy to boast of huge numbers of questions without mentioning the quality of such questions or of their explanations!
3. What is the quality of their questions? Great practice questions not only test your knowledge but also teach you something and push your limits just enough to get you ready for exam day. Moreover, great answers explain not only why the correct choice is correct but also why each one of the incorrect answers is wrong. This ensures that if you get the question wrong then you will also learn something.
4. Do they analyze your performance? Analytics can be very powerful tools to have as you attempt to master a large volume of data and principles. It can help you identify weaknesses and strengths in knowledge and therefore focus your study effectively.
5. Is there real and reliable support? If your account freezes up or your practice exam freezes and crashes… will there be someone to help you? A review company with poor customer support is worthless, especially when their customers are anxiety-prone, pre-exam students.
6. Is it worth the money? Check to see if the listed price is in line with that of their competitors.. Companies know that students are required to take these exams. They also know that when exam anxiety hits many of us seek out anyone who will spoon feed us step-by-step instructions on how to tackle the intimidating exam. So they know many of us are willing to pay a premium for peace of mind.

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