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I am Taylor Woods a graduating senior and an experienced relationship counselor to my peers. I am studying Mass communications with a focus in Public relations. I love to blog, write short stories, and people. I have been dating the same guy for five years now and I must say I have a lot to tell about this journey I call a relationship.
In college students tend to get the best of their selves during this exciting new journey of life. We explore a world that is full of new and boundless opportunities that are placed at our feet. We jump right into the first thing that best interest us and research it either during or after it hurts. But in the end we learn from it all and sometimes we even try again. College relationships are one of the many opportunities that college students jump right into without thinking of what comes next.
My relationship began way before college but my boyfriend ended up at the same university with me. The thought of it was great but reality hit us really hard. When people asked about me they asked about me and him as if we were one person or an item on the shelf. We liked it for a while but it started to aggravate him more than me. We figured we spent way too much time together. So we started joining organizations and venturing out towards our careers. We basically tried to make a name for ourselves, by ourselves. In the end it became a team effort.
A relationship is a team but when you are a college student that is independent and growing in many directions, it’s hard to maintain your self needs within a team. Never forget who you are and what you love or like to do. It’s difficult to uphold so many priorities; family, social life, friends, education, and personal life. If you like to hang out with your friends, go a head and do so. Giving your significant other time to themselves and/or their priorities as well will show that you have a name for yourself and that you care about their priorities too. It’s about keeping yourself sane. Being under the one you love all the time does not have pleasure in it at all. How will you give him/her a chance to miss you? How will you both grow fond of each other? How will you learn from one another if it’s just you two all the time. Space is needed in a relationship.
After a while, my relationship got better and better with time. We made time for ourselves and our lives as well. I had a mine of a wife by the time I was in my junior year. All because I didn’t think for me. I was thinking for us. And that drove me insane because I kept jumping from college to my future plans so fast. Make sure you know yourself and who you are before you go and share your all with someone else. It’s college, so take your time, have fun, and be adventurous.

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