Semester Abroad

A lot of colleges offer the opportunity to take a semester abroad. That’s because they know travel is a big part of education. It teaches valuable life lessons about how the world works. Missing the opportunity to go abroad is a big mistake and should really be planned into your college career.

What It Takes

Your campus probably has a semester abroad office that you can visit to inform yourself of what it takes to apply. Every school will have a different policy; however one factor is usually based on grades. You need to have a certain GPA to even be considered.

How to Choose the Country

There will be a few factors to consider when deciding what country to visit during your study abroad semester. The first one and the most important will be how many credits you can get while abroad. Try to find the program that will allow you to complete as many credits during the semester as you would if you stayed home. Your absolute first goal is to complete college as quickly as possible because let’s face it, it’s an expensive undertaking. The second thing to consider is how useful the language of the country you want to go to is for the future of your career. If you are an opera singer, Italy might be good. If you are a business major, Spanish or Chinese might be good.

When It’s Time to Go

You’ve passed the criteria to go abroad for a semester, you’ve chosen the country to visit, and you’ve moved out of your dorm or apartment. Now all you have to do is get on a plane and go. This is an emotionally charged time. Make sure you and your friends and family have Skype on your computers, you’ll want to stay on touch.

Your Study Abroad Group

You won’t be thrown into a country by yourself. These people will be your life line on surviving the whole experience. You’ll be going through the same challenges and exciting experiences that your friends and family at home just cannot comprehend. Make sure you hang out with people who can find the humor in the most absurd situations you find yourselves in. Also, hang out with the people who are eager to dive into places where the locals eat, drink, and party. It will get you out of your living quarters and out having the best time of your life.

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