Stds in college

If you’ve had unprotected, or even protected sex, you could possibly have a Sexually Transmitted Disease. Or, you could be totally disease free.
STDs can sound scary, especially if you notice something or feel something different about your body, or feel like you may have been with someone that you weren’t so sure was disease free.
Step one: don’t panic. You will still get through this. Maybe you have no STD, but an overactive imagination instead. So, remember, relax and breathe. Panicking is only going to make yourself feel worse, especially if you don’t even have anything at all!
Step two: Get some answers. Instead of wondering if you’ve got an STD, be brave and go find out. It’s better to know about what’s happening to your body, then to be paranoid or panicked for no reason. Or, if you did get an STD, it’s best to get medical help quickly before it gets worse, or before you pass it on to someone else.
Step three: If you’ve been confirmed of having an STD have your Doctor give you a prescription if needed, and information about what to do next. That’s what Doctors are for, to help. That’s what pharmacies are for, to help.
Step four: Regardless of if you have an STD or if you don’t have an STD, have protected sex from now on. Not only will your chances of getting an STD lower, so will pregnancy chances too.
If you do have an STD, you’re not alone. If you don’t have an STD, you’re not alone.
The bottom line is, having sex puts you at risk of getting an STD, but the best way to avoid an STD is safe sex, or of course, no sex.
Remember, if you’ve got an STD, that doesn’t change who you are, your character, or your personality. You just had some bad luck in the sack.
Go talk to your Doctor about your concerns, and hopefully he or she can put you at ease, and tell you that you are disease free. If they don’t though, you’ll still be ok.

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