Shoes for a Night out on the Town

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Your flats are for campus, but your heels are for going out! Heels help you project a more feminine stance and elongate the legs. However, that doesn’t mean you should wear heels every time you’re going out for a drink. If you know your plans will call for you to stand all night, opt for a kitten heel or platform shoes with a small slope. There’s a good chance that your destination doesn’t have the cleanest of floors, so dress appropriately so that you’re not carrying your shoes by the end of the night.

If you do decide to brave it, invest in some shoe cushions. There are shoe cushions available specifically for heels so that they’re not visible beneath your foot. While you’re at it, most heels come without traction. Consider purchasing no-slip pads for the soles of your heels to avoid any face-plants.

Peep-toed shoes can be particularly sexy, but they look out of place in cold weather. Make sure you save them for warmer temperatures. Needless to say, heeled sandals also fall into this category. With either shoe, your toes will be on display, so be sure your toenails are painted. If your toenails are not painted, pick a different shoe or make time to paint them.

Platforms can be more comfortable and easier to walk in than heels, but they do have a chunky look to them. As such, it’s best to pair them with slimming bottoms, such as skinny jeans or a pencil skirt. Finally, the stiletto is a classic that looks good with anything. Although they can be tricky to walk in, they are absolutely stunning.

As with all fashion accessories, make sure your shoes complement your outfit rather than match it. If there is a subtle secondary color in your ensemble, you can match your shoes to that, but don’t match your shoes to the primary color. As with earrings, and again wallet permitting, slowly purchase shoes in every color. Shoes can make the outfit. Additionally, heels come in a variety of prints. You can mix printed shoes with a printed pant or top, but only one print should be bold. The subtle print should not even look like a print to someone standing 10 feet away.

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