Shoes on Campus

If you’re a responsible student and going to class everyday, you’ll inevitably be spending a lot of time walking. (Why do colleges always skimp on parking and insist on putting parking lots miles away from your destination?) Just because you’re doing a lot of walking doesn’t mean you have to wear tennis shoes. Tennis shoes are for tennis, so leave them on the court!

Your campus kicks will vary widely depending on the weather. In warm weather, there is a wide range of comfortable sandals available that not only look good but are comfortable too. Some flip-flop style sandals can be attractive, but make sure they have some type of feature, such as leather, sequins or beads, that says fashion and not swimming pool. Sandals are particularly comfortable for campus because they don’t slap your heels when you walk.

In cold weather, go for boots. Unless you have feet of steel, buy flat boots because heels can blister your feet quicker than you may anticipate. As with sandals, there are a lot of options for flat boots, from your fur-topped winter boots to knee-high leather boots to ankle booties. Don’t be afraid to splurge for genuine leather boots. Not only do they look nicer, but they will last longer too.

For spring and early fall when it’s not quite sandal weather or boot weather, go for flats. Flats come in a range of colors and can also be particularly comfortable trekking across campus. As with anything you put on your body, make sure your flat is stylish and not just functional. Flats can have large buckles, beads, sequins, laces and more that make them fashionable in addition to functional.

Now some may disagree, but the ever-so-trendy rain boots should be left to the fisherman. You should always select your attire based on your taste, but you have to admit that you do somewhat care about what the guys think too. Guys tend to think rain boots, especially the ones with the designs on them, scream “children’s attire.” Instead of rain boots, opt for a raincoat and/or umbrella instead. That hottie you’ve been eyeing may want to share your umbrella too!

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