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Emily Lavelle currently attends Kent State University where she’s pursuing a degree in Digital Sciences with a double minor in Visual Journalism and Public Relations. Emily is from the Pittsburgh area and spends her time exploring the city, catching up with friends, and playing soccer. Emily likes to watch hockey whenever she gets a chance. Go Pens! She plans to expand her skills in web and media design, journalism, and web development. Emily hopes to move to a city after college in the pursuit of a design career.

When surviving the cold winter days, fashion sometimes disappears, especially for a college student. When that 9:15 class rolls around it can be hard to get up thirty minutes before. Most of us, like me, are use to waking up minutes before class, throwing on whatever we see, or just going in what we slept in (we’ve all done it), and rushing out the door.

I never use to be one for looking nice for class until I had to. Now that I take the extra 5 minutes to look nicer, I couldn’t be happier about myself.

It only takes 5 extra minutes.

What’s the secret? I’ll tell you…

It doesn’t take much to dress something simple up. I go to school in Ohio, so our winter days can be brutal. For cold winter days you need these 3 essential things:

1. Sweater
2. Leggings/Jeans
3. Boots

I know what you’re thinking, “Every girl wears that.” I’m not disagreeing with you, but there’s a way to make it your own. There are so many different possibilities to dress up this outfit that only Lindsay Lohan’s character in the movie Mean Girls can put into words…the limit does not exist.

One outfit I will focus on in this article is my go-to outfit. It takes me less than 10 minutes to do, and looks just as good as if you would have spent an hour on it.

What I usually pair all my sweaters with is a scarf or woven. A woven, or button up shirt, can look great underneath a sweater! You can take a sweater with a solid color and put a woven underneath that has a pattern on it. For example, I usually wear my burgundy sweater with a green, blue, and burgundy plaid woven underneath it. This alone makes the outfit seem more complete than if you just wore the sweater. If you’re not a layers kind of person, a scarf can make any outfit look complete as well. You can pair it with a fashion scarf or if you have to embrace the wintery days like myself, a winter scarf looks just as nice. Scarves with patterns are the best for sweaters that are one solid color.

The whole debate on leggings vs. pants has been around for a while now.

Wear what you want to wear.

I personally love wearing leggings, but jeans have a more professional look to them. If you work in an office, like myself, a nice pair of dark jeans can go a long way. I like to wear skinny fit, or slim, jeans. It is best to wear jeans with no holes in them (whether you bought them that way or not).

Boots were made for walking, but that’s not all they can do. I usually pair my outfit off with riding boots. To make the boots pop, I like to wear long boot socks that poke out at the top. This can finish off any outfit. If you would prefer to not wear high socks, you can pair any outfit with boots that have a little color. If you want your outfit to be more outgoing than casual (especially for the holidays) you can wear a nice pair of boots that have a heel to them or booties. Be careful if there’s ice though! No outfit looks nice if you’re slipping on the pavement.

They say a girl’s best friend is diamonds, but what they meant to say was watches.

But diamonds are still nice…

I’m not much for jewelry, but I always have a ring on and studs in my ears. When I want to dress up an outfit I usually go for bulky looking earrings or a watch. A watch is a perfect accessory to work especially if you want to go for a professional yet subtle look. There are so many different styles of watches that you can find one that fits your style and personality.

Fashion is all about expressing yourself and making something your own. All it takes is a little effort and 10 minutes of your morning. Looking nice for the day shouldn’t be a hassle. It should be something as fast and easy as brushing your teeth (if you wake up early enough for that before class, hopefully).

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